Run Riot's feature documentary "The Wrong Light" at festivals in 2016

In 2013, we went to northern Thailand to film a story about girls who had been sold into the sex trade by their parents and rescued by a charismatic former war photographer, Mickey Choothesa. What we uncover over the course of our filming is that Mickey is deceiving all of us - the public, his donors, the girls he claims to protect, and the media circulating stories of his supposed exploits. News outlets such as Vice and PRI used Mickey as a source for their stories as we were investigating the dark truth of his shelter. Two girls he claimed to have rescued are confronted with his version of their past and fight to reclaim their true identities. The Wrong Light was produced by Oscar-winning production company Shine Global. Follow the film on Facebook and Twitter. Distribution has been acquired by The Cinema Guild for theatrical release in Fall of 2016.

A swirling mystery...heartbreaking and hopeful all at once
— Darren Dean, producer of Tangerine
The Wrong Light plays like a film noir set in the tropics
— Bob Cannon,
A gripping, complex and essential documentary that unfolds like a mystery and will shake audiences around the country...
— Blandine Mercier-McGovern, The Cinema Guild




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